RE 4271 Konstanz - Villingen


RE 4271 Konstanz - Villingen


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Drive the RE4271: Your journey begins in Villing and you will take the RE4271 to Konstanz Hbf. Experience many different announcement that even use the correct German dialect. This scenario features many sound enhancements like ambient soun


Different versions of the scenarios are included:

  • VS-RE4271 – Konstanz BR111 + DoSto ( Default version, does not require any of the optional Add-Ons)
  • VS-RE4271 – Konstanz vR BR145 EL + TTB DoSto*
  • VS-RE4271 – Konstanz vR BR111 EL + TTB DoSto*
  • VS-RE4271 – Konstanz BR111 + TTB DoSto*
  • VS-RE4271 – Konstanz DTG BR145 Repaint + TTB DoSto*

Included playlist for the Versystem Soundboard:

  • VS-RE4271 to Konstanz mit vR BR145 EL
  • VS-RE4271 to Konstanz

Key features:

  • Scenario on the Konstanz - Villingen Route Add-on by virtual Railroads
  • Four different versions using a variety of rolling stock are included
  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Train manager announcements
  • Platform announcements during your stops
  • Varying AI traffic
  • Texts in German and English
  • Announcements in German (with a southern dialect)
  • Downloadable product with installation program

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • Versystem Soundboard (Freeware, available here)
  • Konstanz Villingen Strecken Add-On (virtual Railroads)
  • DB BR 111 Loco Add-On (Steam)
  • TTB Szenariopaket München - Augsburg 02 (Train Team Berlin)


  • DB BR145 Loco Add-On  (Steam) + Versystem BR 145 Repaint-Pack
  • vR DB BR 145 EL (virtual Railroads)
  • vR DB BR 111 EL (virtual Railroads)






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