NEC: New York - Philadelphia

NEC: New York - Philadelphia

The Northeast Corridor is the United States’ premier passenger railroad line, linking Boston to Washington DC and moving thousands of passengers daily through this extremely busy part of the country.

It is also North America’s only high-speed line operating at speeds up to 150mph. Now available for RailWorks 2, the Northeast Corridor Expansion Pack puts you in the cab of the classic EMD AEM-7 locomotive along the 90-mile core section between Philadelphia and New York City. 

The Northeast Corridor Addon is avalable at Steam.



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TaD NEC Series III

The Trains and Drivers ProLine scenariopack for the New York - New Haven route  for Train Simulator.


6.95 € *

The NEC Series IV

Ou fourth scenariopack from our appreciated NEC Series for Train Simulator.

6.95 € *

TaD - Railtour US

Six scenarios featuring the F40PH engine on the NEC, Horseshoe Curve, Cajon Pass and Sherman Hill.

6.95 € *

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